vineri, 27 iunie 2014

Jom Gomm on singing : I hate The X-Factor and American Idol and The Voice for many reasons. But one big one is this: They are changing what singing means to people. Singing is a simple, magical way of expressing how you feel. It's not something you need to be "good" at for other people to enjoy. Bob Dylan's plaintive whine would be laughed off those shows, but it was a voice that moved millions, and there was a beauty in there. Nobody feels a need to go back to old Rolling Stones records and put auto-tune on Mick Jagger. Even great technical singers like Michael Jackson: What made him great was the expressiveness of his voice, and how that made people feel, not his range or licks. If you want to sing in public but you're worried you're not up to scratch: stop worrying and start singing! If you feel good when you're singing, maybe other people will too.

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