luni, 27 august 2012

A nice proof of virtuosity

joi, 23 august 2012

The Dark Knight Rises

Hey guys, i've taken a break from work today and seen the last of the Batman series "The Dark Knight Rises" . Tho' i'm not a superhero movies fan, what Nolan did with these three Batman is remarkable, also Hans Zimmer (and James Newton Howard in the first two parts) does an amazing job. If you haven't seen the last Batman, go watch the in theatres !

miercuri, 15 august 2012

La Multi Ani Maria, Marian si derivatele !

La Multi Ani cu sanatate tuturor celor care isi serbeaza astazi ziua de nume si nu numai !

luni, 6 august 2012

Music repeats itself, but with a limit

joi, 2 august 2012

Richard Bona - Djombwe