sâmbătă, 31 octombrie 2009

Duceti-va si celebrati sarbatorile americanilor, lipsa de originalitate e la ea acasa in romanica...

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vineri, 30 octombrie 2009

Holla, how are you ? click here

joi, 29 octombrie 2009

Here's my music, click to listen, listen to let other know about it > . Enjoy ! click and spread all over the internet please !

miercuri, 28 octombrie 2009

Noapte buna | Good Night ! my music,click,listen and spread all over, please -

oapte buna | Good Night ! click,listen and spread all over, my music -

marți, 27 octombrie 2009

Noapte buna | Good Night ! click,listen and spread all over, my music -

Sa aveti o zi minunata | Have a great day !

Noapte buna | Good night ! my music, click and spread it please >

luni, 26 octombrie 2009

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I'm on 1st place on ReverbNation's "Top classical Artists(National)" & 42nd position in "Hot classical Artists"click me >

Buna Dimineata, ce faceti ? | Good Morning, how are you ?

duminică, 25 octombrie 2009

Am iesit, noapte buna | I'm out, goodnight !
my music >

Lucru de duminica | Sunday work

Buna Dimineata | Good Morning !

Muzica este un răspuns căruia nu i s-a pus nicio întrebare | Music is a response which was not put any question - Nichita Stănescu .

sâmbătă, 24 octombrie 2009

Michael Buble - Save the Last Dance For Me

Michael Bublé - Try A Little Tenderness

Lifehouse - You and Me

Incubus - Wish You Were Here

Karen Souza - Every breath you take (Jazz and the 80's)

Celtic Woman - She Moved Thru The Fair
fara cuvinte | speechless !

Grigore Lese @ Radio Romania Cultural, superb !


Neata | G'Morning !

Noapte buna netisti |
Good night netopolis !
My music ->

vineri, 23 octombrie 2009

Blues time, on Radio Romania Muzical !

Neri Per Casso - Io Ci Saró (acapella band)

Sweet music : Richard Bona and Bobby McFerrin improvising ->

That's it, i'm done with composing for today !

Work work work !

Good day netville ! my music ->

joi, 22 octombrie 2009

Un clip superb | a great video

Ola !

marți, 20 octombrie 2009

Salumoale, trezitul fara sa bei cafea mi se pare tragedie nationala | Howdy, waking up without coffee is like national tragedy for me !

GATAAAAA, a venit Mos Ene, noapte buna | Hooraaay, sleep has come, good night !


Nevermind...the point is that i cannot get to sleep earlier :(

Noapte alba plina de lucru, totusi nu cred ca m-as supara daca as reusi sa adorm mai devreme | Working white night, i wouldn't mind tho if i'd go to sleep earlier...

luni, 19 octombrie 2009

Buna dimineata prieteni, ce bine e sa te odihnesti | Good morning friends, it's so good to get some rest !

Noapte Buna oameni Buni | Good Night Folks .
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duminică, 18 octombrie 2009

Sleepy autumn SUNday...