luni, 17 aprilie 2017

Zoku Sugata Sanshirô (1945) - IMDb


sâmbătă, 15 aprilie 2017

Shutter Island (2010) - IMDb

What a movie ! What a soundtrack !!!

joi, 13 aprilie 2017

Nasa announces one of Saturn's moons could support alien life in our solar system | The Independent

*/ There might be alien life in our own solar system, Nasa has announced. All of the necessary things to support life have been found on one of the moons that orbits Saturn. Enceladus has chemicals that when found on Earth tend to indicate life, suggesting that there might be living things might be under its icy shell.

marți, 11 aprilie 2017

György Ligeti – Fragment for Chamber Orchestra (1961)

OMG !!! (L)

duminică, 26 martie 2017

The Beatles - a musical appreciation and analysis - by composer, Howard Goodall CBE - YouTube


joi, 12 mai 2016

Pigeons Recruited to Measure the Invisible Toxicity of London’s Air


miercuri, 11 mai 2016

Proposals to Dig Up Central Park and Erect Drone Tower Win Architecture Competition